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Bike Repair

bike repair

When you bring a bike into Skunk River Cycles - whether it be one you bought from us or an old ten-speed you dug out of a barn - we will ensure that the appropriate repairs are made on your bike.

How we do this differs from what you will experience in a lot of shops. Anytime you bring a bike (or part of a bike) into the shop for repair, we will gladly take a look at it - for free - and determine exactly what needs to be done. Our mechanics will walk you through the issues you are having with the bike, and provide you with an estimate that fits your budget. That said, if there is a safety concern with your bicycle deemed necessary to prevent injury, we will not overlook it for the sake of underselling the competition. Our primary concern is to assist you in enjoying your bike.

You will never be sent out the door with a bike that we think will only bring you back into the shop the following week. If it needs to be repaired, we will let you know, but leave the discretion in your hands. Again, though, any safety concerns will outweigh other considerations - bikes are much cheaper to fix and replace than people.

Our mechanics strive to make every estimate as thorough and accurate as possible, and in the event that something crops up upon closer inspection, we will communicate with you to authorize any repairs outside of the original estimate.
 "Tune-Ups" that are offered at other bicycle shops are often times a way to increase the profitability of their service department. If all that needs to be done is a quick brake adjustment, that is all we will do and that is all we will charge you for. Our owner is fond of saying, "Each bike gets destroyed in its own special way," and thusly we repair each bike according to its level of "destruction."
 If the cost of the repair is more than the bike is worth, or if in the communication between you and one of our mechanics it is established that your bike may be a "money pit", we will let you know. Sometimes, we just can't save them!
 The philosophy of our service department is that you should be in charge of what repairs are done to your bike, and to do that you need to be informed about exactly what issues are afflicting your rig. The truth can hurt sometimes, and it can especially hurt your wallet. Our thinking is that if you bring a bike to us for repair, you want to know everything that is going on with it, even if the decision is made to skip some of the suggested repairs.
 Here is a synopsis of how we accomplish all of this, and what you should expect to experience anytime you bring a bike into the store for repair:
 - We will look over the bike to determine what needs to be done
 - An estimate of the cost of repairs will be performed, and an itemized paper copy will be written up, and a copy will be given to you
 - The repair will be scheduled depending on how many repairs are in front of it. You will be notified of a time and day that the repair will be completed, after which you are free to stop by and pick it up anytime.
 - We do schedule repairs in advance, but it is necessary to call ahead. Otherwise, it is first-come, first-serve.
 - Simple repairs like flat tires are usually finished the same day, though we cannot guarantee this to be the case.
 - Once the repair is finished, we will either call you or you may come pick up your bike at your leisure during open hours.
 - Payment is made on the repair only after it is completed. No deposits are required, though we do accept payment in advance. We cannot guarantee that the estimate is 100% accurate -  sometimes you just never fully know exactly what's going on until you are elbow-deep in the patient.

Cannondale Bike Repair

Basic Bike Tune-Up - $80

The tune up covers: truing both wheels, adjusting both brakes, adjusting both derailleurs, and lubricating all the cables and pivot points.

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