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Bike Fitting

Improve Your Comfort & Performance

Regardless of what type of cycling you enjoy, you'll benefit from a bike that has been properly adjusted to fit your body and your riding style. Our certified fit specialists will discuss your cycling history and goals. We'll then work with you to determine your ideal riding position.

With a professional bike fit, you can be more comfortable, more efficient, and more powerful on every ride. You’ll also be less likely to sustain injuries on a bike that has been expertly configured to meet your needs.

Shimano Suite

The Ames Cycling Center at Skunk River Cycles is one of only two facilities in the United States that features the full suite of technology, including the Position Simulator with 3D pedaling analyzer. The sizing step of the process begins with a physical evaluation and detailed measurement of your body.  That information is then processed in our software system to help determine a baseline setup any specific frame, geometry, and riding style. From that point the stand alone Position Simulator, or “fitting bike,” provides an infinitely adjustable platform to place your body in the correct position for you. Simultaneously, the pedal analyzer provides real-time feedback and metrics with regard to your pedal stroke.

This technology, along with your feedback, allows us to address any special imbalances that require additional expertise. Once we come to a decision on your optimal position, we apply the changes to your bike using laser measuring tools. The result is a fully customized position that will maximize your functionality and comfort on the bike with a truly personal experience.

Bike Fit By Jason Quinn

The philosophy underlying the science of bike fitting is that everyone is unique in their preferences and aspirations on the bike, and the process of finding an optimal position should reflect that. Together, we will look at your current or prospective bike, talk about your riding goals, and evaluate how to achieve a fit that complements your body type and fitness. Our goal is that you leave the process fully confident that we have determined the best bike and position for your individual needs. 

Learn more about our fit services

Bike Sizing


This is ideal if you are looking for a new bike and would like to know how your unique body dimensions apply to different makes & models of bikes.

Fit Evaluation


I will take a look at your current setup on a trainer and make adjustments and/or suggestions based on a visual assessment.   A Fit Evaluation can be applied towards a Complete Fit.  We will also take a short ride outside depending on the weather.

Complete Fit


  • In Depth Physical Assessment 
  • Sizing
  • Dynamic Fit Bike
  • Computer Based Pedal Analysis 
  • Application of Fit to 1 bike
  • Each additional bike fit adjustment $50 (example: you have a road and gravel bike that need the same fit applied)
  • Proof of concept ride outside with Jason or on TACX trainer in studio
  • *Price is split between ACC ($200) and Ames Elite Fitness ($75)

Fill out the Ames Cycles Center at Skunk River Cycles fit questionnaire.

Contact us to schedule your bike fit today.

If the Shoe Fits

For maximum power transfer on the road or trail and for exceptional comfort on a spin bike, we recommend clipless cycling shoes and pedals. With stiffer soles and the ability to click into and out of your pedal system easily, cycling shoes make your ride and your workout more efficient, more effective, and more comfortable. Never get stuck in a toe cage again!