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*NEW* Winter Cycling Essentials

Skunk River Cycles

Skunk River Cycles

Winter Cycling Essentials


Don’t put your bike away for the winter! There are several ways to have fun riding your bike year-round. Here are some tips for making winter riding a breeze.



  • Jacket – Something made of windproof material worn as the outer most layer, a barricade from the cold and wind.
  • Bar Mitts – Big neoprene mittens that mount to your handlebars keeping your hands out of the wind. Available for flat and drop style handlebars.
  • Shoe Covers - Usually neoprene, covers for your foot to keep your toes extra warm and dry.
  • Balaclava / Neck Gaiter – Tight-fitting scarf, easy-to-use face/neck covering.
  • Helmet Covers – Keep the wind from getting into the vent holes on your helmet.
  • Goggles – Great choice for keeping your eyes open and dry in blustery winter conditions.
  • Headbands – Just like the balaclava, but for the upper half of your head.


Winter-Specific Bicycle Modifications

  • Fenders – Essential to keep the muck off your feet, back, and frame in sloppy, wet conditions.
  • Studded / Winter Tires – Studded tires are a great choice for riding in icy conditions, some manufacturers have non-studded tires optimized specifically for riding in snowy conditions as well. Buying a second wheel set specifically with winter tires for swapping into your bike can save time and money in the long run.
  • Rust-resistant Chain – Many manufacturers offer zinc-coated or stainless chains specifically for riding in salty conditions.
  • Larger / Grippy pedals – Most winter riding will be done in boots, pedals to accommodate a larger sole are a good idea.
  • Insulated bottle – Great for commuters that want their morning beverage to stay warm on the way to work.
  • A second bike specifically for riding in winter is always a great idea for daily riders!


Winter Maintenance

Iowa uses road salts for melting snow and ice in the winter, unfortunately the combination of salt and moisture is steel’s worst enemy. Here are a few things you can do to protect your bicycle on the salty roads.

  • Treat the inside of your bicycle frame – We offer T-9 as a frame lubricant, spraying on the inside of your frame will help protect the unpainted inner steel from rusting from the inside out.
  • Keep cables lubricated – Slow shifting and braking can become especially apparent when the temperature drops below freezing, if moisture is trapped in your cables. Lubricating them can help prevent this, and is a great idea in general.
  • Keep chain clean and lubricated – Check your chain weekly if you ride daily, and keep it lubed. Make sure you wipe off the excess lube with a rag, however, as it can actually cause more damage than it prevents if the drivetrain is over-saturated.
  • Keep your bike inside, if possible – Recommended year-round, but especially important in the winter. Storing outside can be done, but will increase the need for regular maintenance, and makes morning riding much less pleasant.
  • Clean the entire bike periodically – Wiping down your wheels and frame is a great idea to keep everything in good condition over the course of the winter. If road salts are left sitting on your frame and wheels, it will definitely cause corrosion.
  • Bring your bike in for check-ups before, during, and after winter – A great idea if you’re unsure on the condition of your bicycle but don’t have much time to devote to maintenance.