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From youth bikes for around the block to elite road and mountain models for the most demanding of users, Cannondale offers innovative products for any kind of rider. We love connecting people with quality bicycles and always have a variety of Cannondales in stock to help us do just that. To find out more about Cannondale bikes click here.


Raleigh was originally based out of Nottingham, England, but over the last 100 years the business has morphed and is now based here in the US. The owner of Skunk River Cycles, Ronn Ritz, has been building and selling Raleigh bikes for over 40 years.  Raleigh makes great commuters such as the Venture Series and Route Series of bikes. They also make the speedy RX cyclocross bike, and the Tamland gravel bike both of which are shop favorites. Click here to check out the Raleigh lineup.


Based out of San Anselmo, California, Marin has been making bikes since 1986. Originally founded as a mountain bike company, Marin has branched out and currently makes mountain, road and hybrid bikes. Some of Skunk River Cycles' most popular hybrids for commuting and paved trail riding are the Marin Larkspur and Kentfield. Check them out here.


Surly bikes are tough, no-nonsense steel frames. Based out of Minneapolis, Surly has been around for 11 years. In that time they have made themselves known for durable steel frames.  The most popular Surly at Skunk River Cycles is the Cross-Check. As a testament to Surly's popularity, most of the staff at the shop has at least one Surly or has had one in the past.  Click here to check out Surly.


Schwinn has been making bikes - and memories - for over 100 years. Skunk River Cycles carries Schwinn bikes as well as Schwinn Fitness equipment. Popular Schwinn bikes in the Ames area are their children's bikes, cruisers, and around-town bikes. Click here to check out the memory-making bikes Schwinn has to offer.


GT is named after its founder Gary Turner, who wanted to build lighter BMX bikes for his son in the early 1970's. In the 1980's, GT dominated the BMX world - and they still do today.  GT is Skunk River Cycles go-to brand for BMX-style bikes.  We also carry some of their mountain bikes, as well as hybrids.  Click here to check out GT's bikes.



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